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Kisa’s history until May 30, 2019. Part 1


This is the first news article on this website, and I think it would be logical to write about what happened to Kisa before the appearance of the website.

Prior to her career, Kisa lived in Moscow alone, writing music “on the table” for a symphony orchestra. At the same time, Kisa had a hobby: walking around Moscow and casually photographing unfamiliar but liked or remembered to her people.

Maybe we would never have heard about Kisa, if somewhere in 2015 a young producer Vyacheslav Kleiner didn’t notice many beautifully made photos of various people on the street posted in one of the blogs. The author of these photos was unknown. Then Vyacheslav had to look for this mysterious photographer by the method of guesswork. When Vyacheslav came out to him, he saw a cute, sweet little girl with a very bright appearance. After he heard her singing, he decided that he should find a song for her.

In tandem with the young poet Alik Neiman, Kleiner begins writing exclusive material for Kisa. On May 30, 2015 the official Kisa group "KISA KISA" appears in the social network "Vkontakte".

After writing the song, Kisa begins to collaborate with the Nikitin Music Group, and in 2016 they recorded her the video clip. The video director was the famous clip maker Evgeny Kuritsyn, who counted working with such stars as Serebro, Nargiz, Uma2rmaH, Andrei Makarevich, Vyacheslav Butusov, A’Studio, Chi-Li and many others. This track was clearly not childish, as well as the video clip. For this reason, it was renamed once.

Kisa continued recording new tracks with Nikitin Music Group, registered in the Instagram, posted photos. Photos were published in Digital Photo and EnVie magazines. She registered the page in VK, and on May 30, 2017 she has an official website. Suddenly, Kisa decides to terminate the contract with Nikitin Music Group and goes to the show “Pyesni” on TNT.


For the show, Kisa prepared her first author's track called “You & Me” and a dance with three beautiful dancers: Valdaitseva Svetlana, Victoria Novikova and Anton Nemtsov.

On the show, Kisu meets Pavel Volya and he presents her as the most mysterious participant. There she told why she wears a long bang and hides her face. She said that Kisa is not a project, but sublimation, a withdrawal from the ordinary. The things she lacks in simple life, she transfers into Kisa.

Before going on stage, Kisa tried to slap Pavel Volya, but that did not work - she missed)).

On the stage, we learn that Kisa is in no way connected with cats, but connected with dogs, as Svetlakov said)). Anyway, the jury that day was strange. Fadeev was somewhere "stucked" by Kisa. Timati, likely, decided that his daughter is under the wig, and very much worried that she would plant a sight)).

Generally, everyone liked everything, and happy Kisa went to hug the project participants, and, of course, to finish her job - after all, to give a slap to Pavel Volya (because she was fed up by him with his Leysan))).

Everything was so, honestly, honestly. Here's a video: tap tap.

At the second stage, Kisa sang her second track titled “Everything Passed”. Then they missed her further without further ado, but unfortunately, she flew off from the third stage.