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Kisa’s history until May 30, 2019. Part 2

Kisa’s history until May 30, 2015. Part 2.

After Kisa left the project, she was not particularly worried. Two weeks later, on April 27, 2018, a new track “Boom Boom” and the stunning news that the international label Sony Music Entertainment offered a contract to Kisa were presented to the fans.

And really, why worry? After all, she has got a bunch of fans, a contract with Sony, and with all these stuff hundreds of questions a day - why does she hide her face?

In connection with all these questions, in the official group of Kisa in Vkontakte, admins decided to hold a very interesting contest, letting fans dream up on this topic and share with others their story about why Kisa is hiding her face. The five lucky ones, whose stories will mostly like to Kisa, were entitled to a prize - a T-shirt with her logo.

Nobody knows how Kisa read all these comments and was able to choose the most-most, but on May 12 a live broadcast was launched in the Instagram, where she announced five winners who received T-shirts with her logo. The latter, by the way, was never seen before. But that is not all. She also named the sixth person she sent a T-shirt to. It was one subscriber, the creator of the fan website ( To thank her, Kisa sent a gift.

Winners of the competition:

1. Vadim Karpitsky;

2. Dmitry Starovoytov;

3. Natalia Solodinskaya;

4. Merika Voskryeshonnaya;

5. Viki Vix.

And a special gift for Zundera Chan.

On May 19, 2018, Kisa gets on the radio Morye’s broadcast with a presentation of her track “You & Me” and a story about the creation of this track.

The first track was written very quickly and easily. It was a warm spring morning when Kisa caught such a splendid inspiration (of course Kisa did not say that, but the meaning is the same). This track was written about love and about the world, but it doesn’t matter what the text is about. Kisa tried to convey more the mood and attitude through the music that she felt that morning.

The singer was admired by the man, her friend, who helped her to write the arrangement. After all, he was able to catch that wave, the mood that Kish wanted to convey.

On May 31, Kisa filed an application for SZIGET (one of Europe’s largest annual music, culture and art festival).


On June 3, 2018, Kisa performed at a concert in VEGAS Crocus City broadcasted on ZHARA TV channel. Also, that day Kisa was supposed to perform at the colors’ festival, but the event did not take place for technical reasons.


On June 7, Kisa closed the pre-party of the SZIGET 2018 festival, performing the tracks “You & Me”, “Everything Passed” and “Boom Boom” at Mumiy Troll Music Bar. Unfortunately, following the audition results, the expert jury made a decision not in favor of our guys, and at the festival Russia was represented by the group “VANYN”.

(Video with Kisa: video 1, video 2, video 3).

On June 20, Kisa visited Premium Radio, where we learned a lot of interesting things. As usual, Kisa was asked about her image, about the Pyesni show. She also told that she had a talisman, Miku the Kumamon, that we did not notice. He was small, and now he grew up and began to go on stage with Kisa.

Also, on the radio, Kisa was asked about the track “Boom Boom”, why it has such a name and what the track was about, to which she replied that it was just a collection of sounds ... Kisa told that “Boom Boom” was an attempt to find out her verges in music, to try something new. Since Kisa did not plan to leave the Pyesni project and nevertheless expected to reach the final, so she thought to write a track that was not like all the previous ones. She wanted to make the track harder.

On June 23, 2018, Kisa performed for graduates at Crocus City Hall. She was again shown on the ZHARA TV channel.

On June 29, Kisa released her first track in Russian, "Vnutri Nas". And on July 1, it was mentioned on the website.

V Minutku in Instagram published an issue with Kisa.

Kisa gave an interview to the "Artist" magazine.